Restaurant de Campo Cerro Frias Patagonia

El Calafate is located at 200 metros above sea level on the Lago Argentino shore. The climate is dry and temperatures oscillate between a maximum of 20°C in the summer and a minimum of -3°C in the winter.
The daylight hours vary quite much according to the time of year: 17 daylight hours can be enjoyed in the summer and in the winter; the shortest day reaches only 8 hours. The nearer we approach to the Andes mountain range, the more humid the weather gets and the cold weather coming from the glaciers makes a difference in regards to the weather found at the city. At El Calafate only 250 mm of rain fall a year while at the National Park area rains usually reach the 1500 mm a year.
In the summer, the weather is dry, crisp and windy, average temperature is 20°C, but it may reach 30ēC maximum and 8ēC minimum; winds are moderate but sudden gusts may reach up to 120 km/hour.

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