Perito Moreno Patagonia

Cerro Frias
An unforgettable mountain experience is waiting for you at the magical and amazing land of Patagonia.
Inside an astonishing natural background which lies at the feet of the Andes mountain range, surrounded by lenga trees, calafate bushes and thawing ponds, our visitors can board a 4X4 vehicle to reach the most stunning panoramic views, horseback ride through lovely mountain slopes or glide through South America’s longest zip line.
Only 23 km away from El Calafate, on the road to the Perito Moreno Glacier through provincial route 11 and within the borders of the Estancia Alice, the Cerro Frías is located. In the land of crystal clear glaciers and blue lakes, our highly qualified and team of professionals take care of our visitors.
Cerro Frías has all the necessary services to make your visit to the Estancia very pleasant: an elegant farm restaurant, equipped with wood-fired ovens where delicious asados (barbeque) are cooked, a thoroughly chosen food service to delight our visitors; a stocked gift shop and a warm and comfortable setting to enjoy the stunning Patagonian views.
Cerro Frías offers a variety of activities and services that are adapted to the needs of each one of our visitors, to be enjoyed as a family, with friends or share experiences with other travelers from around the world. We also offer special services for closed groups.
4x4 en Cerro Frias

“We traveled the slope of a very high and steep hill (…) I call this hill, Mount Félix Frías in honor to my friend, the illuminated patriot who very heatedly defends the Argentine cause”.
Francisco Perito Moreno (Travel to Austral Patagonia)

Cerro Frías is 1095 meters high and it is shared by the estancias Alice and Cerro Buenos Aires. The Estancia Alice started in 1929 as passing point for the wagons transporting wool to Río Gallegos and, as history tells, there was a bar, nearby the Centinela River, where attention was provided to the occasional visitor.
The first owner of the estancia was a Spanish immigrant called García Braña, who named it Alice in honor to one of his daughters. In 1986, the original owner’s descendants sold the land to the current owner: Mr. Alejandro Barcena, a resident from El Calafate.
Estancia Alice started touristic activities in 1996 by the hand of a partnership formed by its owner and the company Waldron SA, which later created El Galpón del Glaciar SA offering services such as lodging, restaurant and rural tourism activities in the area where the estancia’s main building was located, on the Lago Argentino shore.
Barcena retires from the partnership in 2002. His son, also called Alejandro, starts then to work the Cerro Frias performing adventure tourism activities, taking advantage of the natural environment found at the mountain. Mr. Ricardo Cortes, from the town of Tres Arroyos, joins the partnership in 2004 in order to further define the ecotourism project.

Currently, Cerro Frías is a medium sized company with a very well known trajectory in the city of El Calafate. The Patagonian spirit and the magnificent landscape inspires the company and its entire staff, dedicated to share the area’s charm with each one of our visitors, committed to environmental care and to the sustainability of natural resources.